About mama rubys

Mama Ruby Productions is a Lexington, KY based company owned by three Kentucky businesswomen, formed in October, 2019.  Mama Ruby offers fun vendor based events that focus primarily on the metaphysical and spiritual aspects of our lives.  These events are created not just for fun, though they are that!  They are also created for those who wish to explore different ways of experiencing life.  Most of our events offer  alternative health practices, holistic health modalities, artistic and metaphysical vendors, psychics, craftspeople and more in a safe and friendly...and fun... environment.  



Who Was the Real Mama Ruby?

 Mama Ruby lived outside New Orleans in the mid 1800's. Her huge personality warmed her small plantation-owned log cabin, built over a bayou. It was always filled with kid's laughter, smells of fish cookin', and bottle after bottle of potion, lotion or mojo. 

Mama Ruby was not typical, and had a lot of 'leadway' for a woman of her time and place, because she was also the local herbalist, or 'that woman with them potions'. She spent a lot of her time preparing her potions and 'fixins', using products she found in the bayou. 

She somehow always knew the right item for the right 'need'.  

Mama Ruby took care of everyone's troubles, from stomach ailments to love ailments. And sometimes, when the moon was right and she 'felt the pullin', she would get out her old, worn cards and 'read some fortunes'.  Mama Ruby knew when to be discreet, never telling the names of those who came for her 'potions' or 'fixins' or 'readins'. Many wealthy ladies from town and their daughters often visited Mama for what ever it was they needed, as they knew she would keep their secrets....well.....secret. 

Mama Ruby was well respected, and even well loved by many whose children she had helped deliver safely, or whose troubles she had 'fixed'. When she was in the mood to 'read some fortunes' people came from all around to have Mama read their cards, and to hear Mama's warm, huge laughter. They would bring Mama pies and cakes, maybe some ham or black eyed peas, maybe a chicken - Mama loved it all and she loved the people she helped. 

Mama once said she was 'born with them cards in her hand' and that they talked to her 

'in a sweet sweet voice'.

Mama was a strong and compassionate woman in a time when it was difficult to be either. We named our women-owned Company after her as a tribute to strong, talented, compassionate women everywhere....and in any time.


Mama Rubys Productions LLC, formed in October, 2019, is an event production and presentation company in Lexington, KY, owned by Bethany Inman, Shelley James & Beverly McChesney.

Mama Ruby Productions LLC has no ownership or involvement with the Mystical Fair: Lexington or the Inner Light Festival or Ruby Rose Productions.